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Community Partner Portal

Volunteer Emory values the wonderful community partnerships it has developed over the years. We continually look to serve our community as best as possible. If you are looking to connect to Emory students, we can help in a variety of ways.

1. Volunteer Emory Weekly Ser[VE]r

Every Monday in the school year, Volunteer Emory sends out a server to almost 700 Emory student volunteers. We are happy to feature any upcoming projects, internships, or volunteer opportunities that your organization may have for Emory students in this server. Send a brief description of the project and/or a flyer to Blair Ely.

2. Non-profit Networking Night

Volunteer Emory will be hosting a non-profit networking night occurs every spring. Last year it was Thursday, March 21, 2012. If your organization is interested in attending, please contact Volunteer Emory Coordinator Lisa Kendall for more details.

3. Participate in our special events

Volunteer Emory has a variety of signature service days, which can be viewed here.  On these days, we work with community partners to offer a variety of projects, generally designed for a minimum of 20 volunteers at each site for about 3 hours of service, although the layout of each event differs slightly.  We begin looking to establish these projects two to three months before the event occurs.  If you are interested in hosting a project on one of our future days of service, please contact the Volunteer Emory Director of Days of Service, Nicole Bleecker.

4. Connect with us for alternative breaks

During both fall and spring breaks, Volunteer Emory offers service trips for Emory students.  If you are an out-of-town organization interested in hosting students or an in-town organization who would like to recommend colleagues or organizations in other cities, please contact Volunteer Emory Co-Directors for Alternative Breaks, Manasa Bhatta and Desiree Harvey.

5. Express interest in establishing weekly volunteer opportunities

The core of Volunteer Emory's services are our weekly service trips.  Our staff members establish their social justice priority and then connect with a community partner during April every year.  Volunteer Emory staff members make a semester commitment to bring volunteers every week to their site of choice.  We frequently continue weekly service trips from year-to-year, but the composition of our trip selection depends on the interest of our incoming staff members.  With a growing number of staff members, we have the opportunity to work with more community partners.  

If you are interested in having a group of Emory students come on a weekly basis, please fill out this form.


Thank you for your interest in connecting with Volunteer Emory!  If you have any concerns or proposals, feel free to contact any members of the Volunteer Emory Board of Directors and staff advisors:

Rohin Aggarwal, Executive Director |

Nicole Bleecker, Director for Days of Service |

Manasa Bhatta, Co-Director for Alternative Breaks |

Desiree Harvey, Co-Director for Alternative Breaks |

Abigail Lee, Director for Administration and Finance |

Talia Gilbert, Director for Committees |

Courtney Jones-Stevens, Alternative Breaks Coordinator |

Lisa Kendall, Volunteer Emory Coordinator |