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Alternative Spring Break

Life is a Beautiful Ride: Education Inequality in New Orleans, LA


About The Trip: 

This trip will focus on bridging the gap between learning efficacy in children of different socioeconomic backgrounds. Numerous families and communities have been affected by Hurricane Katrina, and are still in recovering from its aftermaths even today. We will work towards serving the youth of New Orleans. We will also talk about our community partners when we have them finalized.

About the Social Justice Issue: 

Education inequality, measured by standardized test scores, drop-out rates, and college entrance statistics, oftentimes falls along racial and socioeconomic lines. This issue is deeply rooted in a child’s family background, social class, and cultural competencies. Education is correlated with social mobility, health outcomes, and future career options. Thus, we strive to help kids get the best education possible for the best future possible.

About the Leaders: 

Carly Kies is a sophomore at Emory, with a passion for others, fun and the outdoors. Growing up in Zimbabwe, she was surrounded with education inequality which has fueled her desire to bridge the gap between people of different backgrounds.

Timothy Xu is a junior studying Biology and Sociology. As a youth, he was involved in Boy Scouts and developed an interest in helping his peers succeed. On campus, he is involved in Volunteer Emory, Residence Life, and College Council.

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