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Alternative Fall Break

Immigration Situation: Immigration Policy in Jacksonville, FL


About The Trip: 

The trip will focus primarily on immigration through recent reforms in immigration laws. This trip will focus on meeting and exploring behind the scenes the lives of people and organizations whose aim is to help those who have immigrated to the US for many different reasons in the hopes of a better future. We will tour the Baker County Detention Center and speak personally with detainees there about their experiences. We will also learn about the various services provided by some organizations and how these services affect the lives of immigrants as they try to live a normal life in a foreign country. We will work with these organizations by assisting in their housing set-up, youth services, and employment services. Our goal is to enable participants to better understand what it means to be an immigrant and consequently help them in a more impactful way.

About the Social Justice Issue: 

More than 41 million people are immigrants in the US. Florida has a Latino population that is increasing three times faster than the country as a whole. About one in five Floridians is an immigrant and approximately half of them are eligible to vote. Immigrants are an integral component of not only Florida’s economy and electorate, but the nation’s as a whole. Despite these facts, many are denied education, health care, and employment. A major goal of this trip will be to discuss how government policies impact immigrants.

About the Leaders: 

Asha Caslin is a junior in the College studying Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology and Philosophy. She enjoys being outdoors, kittens, and playing the ukulele.

Juliana de la Rosa is a Linguistics major and Art History minor in the College. She plays water polo and enjoys biking around Atlanta, painting, and the beach.

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