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Driver Certification Process and Vehicle Use/Travel Policy

University Driver Certification Process

**please note the driving certification process has changed**

  1. Please read the driving policies when driving on behalf of your organization, department, and/or Emory University.  Policies are located below. For the complete policy details, you can click here:
  2. Log in to OrgSync and go to forms section within your organization's portal.  
  3. Click on the Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Background Check Consent form and begin the process. (Please note:there is a $20 administrative fee)
  4. Complete the process online and submit with a copy of your photo ID.
  5. Once the MVR has been cleared, an email will be sent with information to take the online Defensive Driving Course.  
  6. Pass the test and save an electronic copy of the Certificate of Completion. 
  7. Email Certificate of Completion to

Vehicle Use and Travel Policy

For ALL travel in personal vehicles: Emory assumes no responsibility. You must acknowledge that the University does not carry insurance on and assumes no responsibility for any damage to personal vehicles, even when used on a University-sponsored activity or program. You should also share this with all passengers in the car. The driving student’s auto insurance or vehicle owner's insurance will respond for third party liability including liability for injuries to passengers in the vehicle. The student will also be responsible for paying any deductibles or co-pays associated with his or her insurance in the event of an accident.  It is an industry standard that insurance follows the vehicle. Whether your travel is required or not, we do suggest you follow similar precautions outlined in Rules of the Road and Best Practices for all travel.

For ALL travel in Emory University owned or rented vehicles, the driver must have his/her motor vehicle record background checked and cleared per the Emory University Travel Policy . Additionally, the driver must take and pass a defensive driving course. This proces can take 2-3 weeks, so please plan accordingly. There is one exception: For graduate students, if you are only renting the vehicle for a few days while away from Atlanta at a conference, you do not need to take the Defensive Driving class.

Other Policy Requirements

  • Download the Student Organization Emergency Action Plan for ANY student organization travel.
    • For graudate school and professional school organizations, check with your student affairs offices to determine if they prefer you use a different set of Emergency Action Plan guidelines.
  • Travel within 60 miles of Atlanta does not require the submission of an itinerary; however, for travel greater than 60 miles please ensure your student organization advisor has an itinerary of the trip, a list of those attending, and cell phone numbers of trip planners.
  • Travel greater than 300 miles is generally not allowed. Students should plan on flying when possible; however, exemptions can be requested by emailing the Director of the Office of Student Leadership & Service at matt.gar

For more information about safe driving please visit Rules of the Road and Best Practices for All Travel