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Rules of the Road and Best Practices for All Travel

Rules of the Road and Best Practices for all travel

  • Students must drive responsibly and are expected to follow traffic laws, posted speed limits, practice defensive driving, wear seat belts and avoid any activity that has the potential to divert attention from driving safely.

  • Drivers are restricted from activities of distracted driving while driving on behalf of this institution, including but not limited to use of cell phones, texting, smoking, eating, checking email, etc.

  • Monitor weather and road conditions and commit to change your plans if warranted to ensure safety. This may mean taking breaks more frequently, stopping overnight, or postponing the trip altogether.

  • Change drivers at least every 2 hours, more frequently if the driving is fatiguing.

  • Assess the type of driving (highway, back roads, winding roads, hilly roads) compared to the driver's experience and comfort level and assign driving shifts accordingly.

  • Do not caravan. Each driver should have a set of directions and maps. Do not attempt to stay together or rendezvous along the way. Each driver should travel independently. It is recommended that there be no driving between 12:00 midnight and 6:00 a.m.

  • While driving on a University-sponsored activity or program, the driver may not be under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol. Drivers and passengers may not bring alcoholic beverages (even unopened) into a vehicle. Such behavior will subject students to disciplinary action as determined by the Office of Student Conduct.

  • Vehicles must be secured when not occupied and must have contents reasonably safeguarded.

  • The use of radar detectors (or similar speed enforcement detection) is strictly prohibited.

  • Trailer, hitches or towing are not permitted without special permission.

  • Vehicles rented or University-owned should be used only for University business and should not be taken home at night (special exceptions may be approved by student activity advisor).

  • Drivers are personally responsible for paying all traffic tickets.