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Risk Management: Waivers and Emergency Protocol

Risk management is the process of identifying the potential and perceived risks involved in campus activities and operations, and is one of the most important roles of student organization leaders. It also includes monitoring student organization activities and taking proactive steps to minimize accidental injury and/or loss. When planning any event, from volunteer opportunities to travel to conferences, we encourage you to spend time reviewing some great tips on managing risk and the remainder of this webpage.

Important Steps:

1) Always know the important laws and policies surrounding an event. Some key policies to know are outlined here:

2) Always have a plan, and think through what that plan would be.

  • Below is a good Emergency Protocol to consider following.
  • Use this trip planning Excel document, and all the tabs along the bottom, to help you think of various pieces to research.
    • For example, do you know where the nearest hospital is in case you need it?
    • Another example, do you have the travel phone numbers of everyone going with you? What about emergency contact information?
    • Do you know who to contact on campus if you get into an accident or if someone gets injured?

3) Always report issues.  Follow pages 6-8 of the Emergency Protocol to report vehicle accidents and injuries.

4) Consider a waiver.

Emergency Protocol:

Click here to download a sample Emergency Protocol. On pages 6-8 of this document, you will find an appropriate steps to take for vehicle accidents. You will also find an appropriate protocol for other injuries.

Waiver Templates:

In an effort to educate faculty, staff, and your peers on the potential risks involved with the activity, you should consider having participants complete a liability waiver. While there may be some questions as to the purpose or need of a waiver, the main point of a waiver is to have written documentation that the person has been made aware of significant and relevant risks that they are assuming by participating, voluntarily, in this specific activity.

By clicking on the link below, you can download a template waiver created by the Office of Student Leadership & Service in conjunction with our General Counsel's office. In order for any waiver to be effective, it must be tailored to the specific experience. Please download the template waiver, edit the highlighted sections of the form to speak directly to the event being undertaken, and then have participants sign them PRIOR to initiating the activity (includes transportation to sites).

Two important notes:

  • The name of the Office of Student Leadership & Service may not appear in your waiver without express permission of the Director of the Office of Student Leadership & Service.
  • We strongly encourage you customize your waiver and then see a staff member during our Advisor of the Day Office Hours to discuss the waiver.