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Lockers/Storage for Student Organizations

All student organizations who use storage space in the Dobbs University Center (DUC) must comply with the general policies of the facility.  In addition, the policies below must be followed.

Apply for Storage Space:

Instructions coming soon.  Form is located at the bottom of this page.  No applications submitted prior to October 1st will be considered. 

Eligible Organizations

Student organizations must hold a perpetual or enduring charter or be sponsored in some way directly by one of the SGA divisions (i.e., College Council, Graduate SGA, Club Sports, etc.).

Assigned Storage Space

The assignment of storage space is managed through the Student Government Association (SGA) Business Office and the Office of Student Leadership and Service (OSLS).  Forms, deadlines for application, etc. will be available from them mid-March, and decisions will be made by mid-April.  Management from SGA, OSLS and the DUC may inspect storage areas as needed without prior notice.


Keys will be kept at the Information Desk.  Only officers registered in the online student organization database (President, Treasurer, Additional Officer, and Advisor) will be allowed to check out the key.  Keys will be available during Information Desk hours only.  The Associate at the Information Desk will verify your name on the SGA data base (Community), and you will give your EmoryCard to the desk Associate to be held until the key is returned.  You will also have to sign the key in and out, leaving your student ID number for record purposes.

 The cost to replace a lost or broken key will be charged to your organization’s SmartKey.

Stored Items

You may not store alcohol, illegal items, weapons, perishable foods, lighter fluid or other flammables, or anything that could cause damage.  The storage space should be used for items belonging to your student organization and should not be used by individuals to keep personal items of any kind.  All stored items should be labeled and must fit neatly in the assigned space and many not fall into space assigned to other groups.  Items that fall out of lockers that cannot be identified will be placed in Lost and Found at the Information Desk.


Any repairs to the exterior or interior of the storage space resulting from inappropriate use will result in a charge to your SmartKey and the potential loss of further use.

Lost Items

Neither DUC building management, the Student Government Association, nor the OSLS is responsible for the loss or damage of any stored items under any circumstances.