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Incident Report Form

WAIT: This form is ONLY for Emory University Chartered Student Organizations and for Student Involvement, Leadership, Transitions (SILT) programs and services.

Student Involvement, Leadership, Transitions (SILT) offers many programs and services to Emory University students, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests. To maintain the highest environment of safety and accountability, the SILT Incident Report Form should be used to report any incidents taking place during student organization events, during student organization travel, or during SILTprograms or travel. Forms should be submitted within 24 hours of the associated incident.

Once submitted electronically, SILT staff members will respond as necessary within 24 hours of receipt.

*DEFINITION OF INCIDENT: An “incident” for the purposes of this form is any accident, assault, injury, theft/loss of property, or other unexpected event that may have legal, medical, risk management, insurance, or other consequences that occurs at a Student Organization Event, or at an OSLS sponsored event. This form should not substitute contacting the police or proper authorities. If you aren’t sure, fill this out and we’ll be in touch if it is something that needs to be pursued.

The electronic Incident Report Form can be accessed here: