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Donation Policies and Guidelines

All student organizations must adhere to the following guidelines when they desire to collect any type of donations on campus:

  • Perishable food items are not allowed to be collected through donation stations/collection stations.
  • Donations and collections for items such as clothes, canned goods, school supplies, etc ... are acceptable on the following grounds:
  • Student Organizations must contact the manager of the building in which they want to collect goods directly to receive permission. Each building has its own policies that may impact your ability beyond this policy to have a collection station in that building.
  • Student Organizations must desjgnate someone to monitor donation stations closely, ensuring that the collection location stays clean and orderly. Donations should be removed on a regular basis to ensure they are not stolen.
  • You must provide your own sturdy box or bin.
  • Bins must be picked up within 48 hours of the agreed upon removal date. Any box or bin that is not removed by the agreed upon time frame may be disposed of in a manner that may not match the mission of your drive (Le. it may be thrown away, not donated to the specified charity). No donation drive can last longer than fourteen days (two full weeks).
  • The box/bin must be clearly labeled with the following: 
    • Reason (Name) for the Drive
    • Dates of the Drive, including the agreed upon removal date
    • Name of Person Responsible and Contact Information
  • No monetary collection stations are allowed on campus by student organizations unless they are staffed by a student in that organization the entire time the collection station is receiving donations. If you do collect money in any way, that money must be processed through the SGA Business Office and your self-generated accounts. 
  • Neither Emory or the building or building employees/managers are responsible for any loss or theft.