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Getting Contracts Signed

What is a contract? A contract is a legally binding agreement between 2 or more parties in which a service is exchanged for compensation of some kind. Contracts enable responsibilities and entitlements to be very clear. Everyone knows their responsibilities, the venue info, time, place, fees, etc. Contracts also protect both parties and they provide remedies when problems arise. 

How long should it take? The Office of Student Leadership and Service recieves several contracts ever single week. Please plan accordingly and submit completed contracts to the Office of Student Leadership & Service 6 WEEKS prior to the event. This allows for the OSLS review and sign in 1-3 weeks and an additional 3 weeks to ensure payment is made. 

Who can sign my contract? It's  important to note: No student, graduate or undergraduate, has the authority to legally bind Emory University contractually. Additionally, very few people are authorized to spend student activity fee money, so individuals in different schools or units that may have authority to sign contracts do not necessarily have authority to spend student activity fee money. Faculty & staff advisors are also not permitted to sign contracts unless they have been given written permission from the General Counsel's Office and by the Student Government Association. If you should sign a contract on your own, it makes you personally liable, for the contract, not your organization, or Emory University. 

Contract Process

  • Student Organization completes contract coversheet
  • Take draft of contract and coversheet with W-9 to the Office of Student Leadership and Service
  • The contract is assigned to a staff member in the office
  • The staff member reviews contract and makes changes if needed
  • Contract sent back to vendor for acceptance of changes and signature
  • If approved, staff member signs contract, emails event organizer completed contract
  • Student organization responsible for getting payment processed

Commonly Used Contract Forms