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Starting a Student Organization

In order to promote and increase transparency, speed, and clarity within the chartering process, the Student Government Association has adopted new chartering bylaws that make starting a club, organization, or student group easier than ever. We believe that nothing should stand in the way of a passionate group of individuals who want to form an organization at Emory. Student groups are at the heart of the Emory experience, and we've decreased the barriers and eliminated roadblocks to encourage new groups to form and flourish.

There are minimum requirements for chartering a new student organization as dictated by the Student Government Association:

  • A constitution with a statement of the purpose of the organization and an anti-discrimination clause.
  • The names, academic divisions, and Emory ID numbers of ten (10) members.
  • A president, treasurer, and one other officer.
  • A faculty advisor.
  • Approval from your Divisional Council.

At the discretion of each division, divisional leadership can include additional requirements necessary for chartering or gaining access to student activity fee funding. 

Ready to get chartered? Follow this link to SGA Chartering

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