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Communications for Advisors

The OSLS wants to communicate as effectively as possible with advisors while acknowledging no one wants to be inundated with email.  As such, we have develped the following plan:

  • Monthly Advisor Newsletter: This will always include a pertinent policy highlight as well as other information about each competency. Please take a few minutes to read each newsletter thoroughly.
  • Web Resources: We have built the OSLS Eagle Source to include key advisor resources. Please check these pages occasionally. 
  • Communications to Presidents: We will also communicate regularly with Presidents of student organizations to encourage them to engage advisors.
  • Advisor Sign-up: Each year, prior to re-registration, we will email all advisors and ask that they either remain the advisor for their group or inform the President that they must identify a new advisor prior to re-registering the organization.
  • Training Opportunities

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