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There are incredible benefits and joys of being an organization's advisor. You make incredibly close relationships with student leaders, and have the chance to truly mentor students outside the classroom. Much of a student's personal growth occurs as a result of his or her involvement in co-curricular activities, especially with an adivsor to lead and mentor them!

Student organizations regularly need new advisors. Some new groups become active and need one, other established groups may have had an advisor who has retired from the University or perhaps become too busy to effectively engage with that organization. That is why WE NEED YOU!

Please complete this form to let us know of your interest in advising a student organization. By completing this form, you are not obligating yourself nor will you be required to advise a group. We will simply pass along your contact information to a group that requests a need for a new advisor.   

This is truly a MUTUAL process. If the group matches your interests that you will indicate on the sign-up form, they may or may not contact you. If they do, you can meet with them to learn more about their group, and then make a mutual decision as to whether you will be able to be a successful advisor for them. We want you to advise groups that have missions and purposes about which you are passionate as well!

New Advisor Interest Sign Up