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Vision in Action

Applications for the Vision in Action Program are closed at this time. 


The Vision in Action (VIA) program is an interdisciplinary learning experience with academic and experiential components for six to ten Emory students awho have a personal vision of a social change or leadership project idea and the motivation to bring it to fruition.

This program is open to all Emory students who have participated in 1) LeaderShape or 2) a program, class, or experience (approved by the program directors) with leadership training eqivalent to LeaderShape.

If accepted, VIA Fellows will earn three credit hours, from the home department of the faculty member, in the form of an independent study format. This 3 hour a week commitment will include one hour with a faculty advisor, one with the VIA program directors in a classroom setting, and one with an expert in the field. Students and faculty members will co-design  their independent study to include readings and activities geared towards helping the student realize their project goals. By the end of semester, students should have a solid knowledge-base in the discipline associated with their VIA projects and a tangible plan of action for implementation in the spring. 

All VIA fellows will be paid $500.00 to help fulfill their project goals and defray costs associated with implementing their project. Students will be required to participate in bimonthly check-ins with Student Involvement, Leadership and Transitions and other Vision in Action Fellows during the spring semester.

This program is directed by Dr. Christine Ristaino, Senior Lecturer in French and Italian Studies, and Lisa Kendall, Assistant Director of the Office of Student Leadership and Service. We are pleased to be supported by an exceptional group of associated faculty from various disciplines and areas of expertise.  

Associated Faculty